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Journey suggests a trip of significant size, wholly or largely by land, for organization or satisfaction or other reasons, and is now applied to travel that is certainly additional leisurely or maybe more fatiguing than a trip; a return just isn't automatically indicated: the very long journey to Tibet. A pilgrimage is built regarding a shrine, from motives of piety or veneration: a pilgrimage to Lourdes. A voyage is vacation by water or air, generally for an extended distance and for enterprise or pleasure; if by water, leisure is indicated: a voyage around the globe.

セブ ホテル

: to strike your foot in opposition to anything while you're walking or running so you tumble or Pretty much tumble : to bring about (somebody who is strolling or working) to slide or Just about tumble literary : to dance or wander with light, fast measures excursion

a unexpected impeding or catching of anyone's foot so as to toss the person down, especially in wrestling.

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, "What’s the Treatment for Vehicle Sickness?," fifteen Aug. 2018 Accessibility was paramount, equally like a requirement for virtually any federal web-site and as popular perception for just a facility normally frequented by multigenerational street-

, "Tri-Rail services delayed after man or woman is struck and killed by Amtrak practice in Deerfield Seaside," 27 June 2019 These example sentences are selected quickly from several on the web news resources to replicate latest usage of the term 'journey.

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to cause for making a slip or error (often accompanied by up): to journey up a witness by skillful questioning.

3 : to launch or function (a system) Specially by releasing a catch or detent journey the hearth alarm four : to raise (an anchor) from The underside so as to hold free 5a : to drag (a yard) right into a perpendicular place for decreasing b : to hoist (a topmast) much sufficient to help the fid to get withdrawn preparatory to housing or lowering six archaic : to carry out (a dance) evenly or nimbly journey The sunshine amazing : dance trip

a projecting item mounted on a transferring element for putting a Handle lever to stop, reverse, or normally Manage the steps of some machine, for a milling machine or printing push.

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1a : voyage, hotel deals journey b : a single spherical or tour on a business errand 2a : an intensive visionary experience gone through by a one that has taken a psychedelic drug (including LSD) b : an enjoyable or abnormal practical experience the occasion was a visit three : absorption in or obsession having an desire, Angle, or point out of intellect a guilt vacation with a nostalgia vacation four : a faltering move because of stumbling five : a stroke or capture by which a wrestler is built to lose footing 6 : mistake, misstep hotel deals 7 : A fast mild action 8a : the motion of tripping mechanically b : a tool for tripping a mechanism (such as a catch or detent) nine : scene, Way of living

: a journey to a place : a brief journey to your store, company, Business office, etcetera., for a particular goal casual : the experience of Peculiar mental results (which include viewing factors that aren't genuine) that may be produced by having a really impressive drug (including LSD) See the entire definition for vacation


瀋陽 ホテル

My journey can take the reverse path, and I start by evaluating the depth of my Shakespeare information in his birthplace.

Horology. (of the tooth on an escape wheel) to slip earlier the facial area from the pallet by which it's purported to be locked and strike the pallet in this type of way as to maneuver the harmony or pendulum improperly.

lay a visit on, Slang. to inflict a person's preoccupations or obsessions on (A further individual): Mother's been looking to lay a guilt vacation on me about leaving home.

The lengthy walk more than the blossoming prairie was great and another delighted kids thanked Mabel for setting up the excursion.

one : to capture the foot against one thing in order to stumble two : to help make a oversight or Phony step (as in morality or accuracy) 3a : to dance, skip, or caper with light rapid methods b : to wander with light-weight quick actions 4 : to stumble in articulation when speaking 5 : to generate a journey 6a : to actuate a system b : to be operative 7a : for getting high on a psychedelic drug (which include LSD) : turn on —frequently employed with out

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Helen wrinkled her nose at him, but she laughed fantastic-naturedly and agreed with him which the vacation were great enjoyment.

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